Are you on HSE waiting list for

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Foot Surgery
  • Endoscopy

Hillsborough Private Clinic – only 30 minutes from Newry

The HSE Cross Border Healthcare Directive allows people normally resident in Ireland and who require public healthcare services to be referred to healthcare in Hillsborough Private Clinic. This allows you to skip waiting lists and normally you will be able to have your surgery within one month.

5 Easy steps

1. Visit your GP in Ireland and ask for a referral

2. Book your consultation by phoning Hillsborough Private Clinic. 04892688899 (from a landline) or 00442892688899 (from a mobile)

3. Pick up your proforma invoice from Hillsborough Private Clinic on the day of your appointment or download the form here

4. Have your procedure

5. Claim reimbursement (HSE aim to reimburse within 30 days)

In order to claim reimbursement, you will require an invoice and receipt for proof of travel (eg a receipt from a shop in Hillsborough)

You do not require prior authorisation for any of our procedures as they are outpatient and daycase procedures.

Contact details for HSE Cross Border Directive

Tel: 0567784547 / 0567784546 / 0567784556

All procedures are performed by Consultant Surgeons who are registered with the GMC and hold a substantive post in the NHS

Cataract surgery
Eyelid procedures
Endoscopy including colonoscopy (camera into bowel)
OGD (camera into stomach and duodenum)
Hysteroscopy (camera into womb)
Cystoscopy (camera into bladder)
Foot Surgery
Bunion Surgery
Hammer toe surgery

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