Hillsborough Private Clinic’s Consultant Urologists diagnose, manage, and treat problems that affect the kidney, prostate, bladder, and male reproductive organs. Urological disorders can be both painful and disruptive, and in many cases, patients may suffer both physically and mentally; problems such as impotence and incontinence can prevent you from living your life the way you want.

Many patients find these problems embarrassing, but ignoring them is not the answer. Your urologist can make a diagnosis and help you manage your condition, or correct it with surgery, allowing you to live your life normally and pain-free.

It’s estimated that 10% of all GP visits involve urological problems, so it can take some time to arrange a consultation with a urology specialist on the NHS. Hillsborough Private Clinic is an independent facility, which means you can book an appointment with a urology specialist much sooner.

Is a urological disorder disrupting your life or causing you pain?

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